Paul D'Amico

Period Wall Tiles


The choice of tiles contributes immensely to creating a period kitchen and period bathroom. It's an Art statement!


Ceramic mouldings&trims will form your walls into a period feature. Decorative patterns bring colour and art into your kitchen and bathroom.


CAD simulation proposals with the period tile pattern designs will help you choose the best solution for your period property renovation

The CAD simulations help to play around with tiles from different sources and costs.


Period tiles can be sourced for grates and fireplaces but are difficult to find in quantities sufficient for a wall.

The solution is to purchase quality replicas or, mix period with replicas and patchwork. Ceramic mouldings, relief and embossed tiles are quintiessential for materialising the period look


The Edwardian and Victorian periods offer many examples to emulate. You can be exotic and source abroad - it has always been done.


(photos above) authentic period tiles (photos below) period replica tiles

Period Bathroom Flat Remodel