Paul D'Amico

ground floor white


Cut and remove monkey puzzle tree terrace for lawn

House Renovation - Situation

Raise flower bed - earth retained by 200mm high timber

Plant 15 supercolumns cordon fruit trees

having raised earth level

retained by 200mm high timber

Bring hedge down by 1300mm

at door entrance end and

1000mm at corner with

the Unthank Road

Install trellis above

existing sloping brick wall

to be horizontally level

to receive Jasmin "Poet" type

Yard -

Resurface missing terracotta tiles after gas metre is repositioned

Timber fence remains - place trellises

for climbers growing on the inside

Patio -

concrete tiles remain but

alter for rear extension

Plant 8 blueberry bushes at foot of 200mm

retaining timber

The relationship between house and garden was crucial for the property renovation's success because it influenced heavily on another relationship - the house and the street.

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