Paul D'Amico

Flat Remodel -  Marseilles, France - Bathroom

The bathroom had no window - it was thus dark, it stunk of damp and hot baths/showers led to serious condensation problems.

1. The "meurtrière”  opening brought light and allowed ventilation. Two decorative triangular holes were cut out to increase air flow and light.

2. The existing grid opening to the staircase was unblocked thus re-creating a draft through the bathroom and up the kitchen chimney.

3. Mirrors from wall to wall were installed to reflect light in what was a dark hole.

4. A sliding door, acting as storage and with a mirror to reflect light, replaced the space wasting hinge door.


The ‘meurtrière” was high enough to insure that a naked body standing in the bath could only be seen from the neck upwards.

Moreover, one could take a shower with a view through the kitchen window.

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