Paul D'Amico

Designing your period/vintage/retro kitchen - it’s preferable to avoid modular integrated units.

The kitchen is an area where the past has to be re-interpreted to adapt to individual’s uses and needs.

In this kitchen design; the period feature aesthetic and the practical were combined.


Each bit of furniture has its character; reclaimed pieces like the glass cabinet, have been placed in the wet area with a reproduction of a gamekeeper's fluted sink.

A newly crafted timber draw unit with a period look placed between a black Smeg cooker and the fridge. Deeper pockets would have preferred an Aga stove and Meneghini fridge.

On the other hand, money was earmarked for tiling the walls throughout with Victorian replicas from Original Style and a set of 10 original Wedgewood’s from 1886. The worktops are in Carrara Marble. The floor has been laid with grey and white Egyptian limestone from Fired Earth, over UFH.














The furniture was completed with a timber moulded wall unit and the 'buffet hatch' already mentioned.

Each bit of furniture feels unique -  the wall tile pattern design embraces the whole into a unity.


Cornices were installed and a reclaimed copper&brass marine cargo light to top the period aesthetic. Down lights were installed in the 'buffet hatch', under the wall units the hood. The latter adorned with an egg & dart moulding. Natural extraction was preferred to avoid noise - it runs concealed along the shower room's ceiling and out into the yard.

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