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By paul d'amico, Mar 26 2015 07:35AM

Sliding doors can help you save space compared to hinged doors.

There are fundamentally 3 types -

Pocket Sliding Doors have the advantage of offering more privacy and can be incorporated into a stud wall. They are thus best suited for bathrooms and bedrooms

Barn Sliding Doors have a wow factor because mounted with visible chrome or iron sliding gear. It's openness makes it more suitable for screening between two rooms/areas or in their glass version for showers.

Sliding Door with Concealed Sliding Gear self evident in last picture.

pocket sliding door
pocket sliding door
barn sliding door chrome gear
barn sliding door chrome gear
rustic barn door
rustic barn door
sliding doors for showers
sliding doors for showers
sliding doors with concealed gear
sliding doors with concealed gear
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