Paul D'Amico

Edwardian Remodel - Plinths & Urns, NR4 7QB

The Yorkstone was too large for the brick plinth and thus I suggested to use decorative brickwork to cantilever the difference.

The client and I visited two reclamation yards and found stone diamond stretchers. These were framed by red and black quarry tiles cantilevered above the existing brickwork. The Yorkstone now had the right size base. The Urns are placed a bit higher than before which increases their theatrical quality.

The form, size and spacing of the diamonds on the stretchers are in harmony with the tiling. They came with weathered paint in orange and violets.

The quarry tiles framing the diamond stretchers are red and black- a typical Edwardian combination.

The multitude of tones helped to heal the contrast between the maroon post war brick and the rest.

Tiling the Porch