Paul D'Amico

Tiling the Porch, NR4 7QB

This Edwardian Porch had been tiled by 3 inch red and yellow geometric tiles. Subsequently, probably after the War, a lower step measuring 5.4 sqm was added and tiled with 15x15 cms tiles. The latter were very porous and had been laid in concrete. Water infiltrated the pores and expanded with frost. The cumulative effect of expansion and contraction lead to frost shattering.

The client had been looking for yellow and reds that corresponded more faithfully with the original Edwardian geometric tiles. I proposed Winckelmans tiles and the colours matched, if one takes into account that the inner Porch ones have acquired patina and it’s darker. I proposed to use a 10x10cms format to improve proportion relationship; I felt the 15x15 cms were too large to follow the existing 7.6x7.6 cms tile. The Winckelmans's tiles are vitrified, waterproof and frost resistance. The original concrete base was primed, a layer of levelling compound was poured and troweled to improve tile adherence and reduce porosity. Waterproof and frost resistance adhesive and grout were used to avoid the recurrence of frost shattering. Finally, 1mm tile spacers were used to be more faithful to the virtual grout less lines of the existing Edwardian tiles in the upper/inner porch.


Porch Remodel Entrance & Staircase