Paul D'Amico

Landscaping around the Tennis Court, NR4 7QB

This  20 year old Tennis Court is surrounded on 2 sides by trees and a planted bank.  This results in generous amounts of debris from the surrounding trees and bushes falling onto the court and the perimeter path. There is also a compost heap serving a large garden. I was asked to find a solution that would facilitate maintenance and aesthetically complement the garden. There was nothing I could do about the trees because they are from neighbouring properties.

The perimeter path had been laid with quarry tiles and earth from the banks had accumulated to a level higher that the Tennis Court.

I proposed to reduce the height of the perimeter path to 2.5 cm below the Tennis Court and pave it with smooth concrete slabs. The bank at one end of the Tennis Court was pushed back to increase the path's width, a 250x100 mm timber installed and held by 900mm steel rods into the ground. Latex levelling compound has been poured to fill all gaps between pavers and timber. This is a better choice than concrete because of its initial fluidity and subsequent elasticity. Gravel was placed to fill the drainage channel.  The 300+ quarry tiles that had originally covered the perimeter path were used to build a wall to conceal the compost heap and stop earth from reaching the pathway.  The tennis court was re-painted and 20 years on has regained its former glory in a beautful setting.


The Solution

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