Paul D'Amico

Remodelling Interiors, NR4 7QB

Entrance & Staircase

The master bedroom suffered from single glazed sash windows. It's possible to double glaze existing sash frames. Slimlite's double glazing units are just 10-12 mm thick, allowing them to be fitted to most existing single glazing sash frames on site. Double glazing will increase the weight of your sash windows and therefore, you will need to replace the weights. It might be a good idea to replace the sash cords, especially if they have been painted - cords should never be painted, it reduces their longevity and hinders their working through the pullies.

Clients don't always need to renovate their property entirely. The bedrooms in this Edwardian home needed a remodel. Cracks in ceilings, walls, cornices, yellowing wallpaper, past colour schemes and a general mismatch between bedrooms contributed to a depressing interior. The remodel results shown here have complimented the property's period and brought lightness and cohesion.

Bespoke Wardrobes